Dear Michigan Libertarian (and other residents!),                                                                          

I want to share with you exciting news about my campaign for Secretary of State and why you should donate and get involved. I plan to run one of the most active campaigns for Secretary of State in party history and need your help.

This race is important for our ballot placement. The results of the Secretary of State race determine the order of political parties on the 2024 and 2026 ballots. I want to finish a solid third place so our future candidates, including our next presidential nominee, whomever he or she may be, will be the first option listed for those who reject the two major parties.

Why I’m running

Obviously, I want to do better than just third place. This race gives me the opportunity to discuss one of the LPs most important issues – election reform. Without a change in how we conduct our elections, third parties will continue to face unfair ballot access and difficulty at the polls. My campaign will discuss how the Michigan Constitution, election laws and campaign finance laws all work together to create and reinforce a two-party system at the expense of independent and third parties. Most importantly, I can discuss ways to break out of this cycle.

My opponents

I have a unique opportunity this year. The Republicans are nominating Kristina Karamo, a Trump-backed proponent of the stolen election conspiracy. With a professional campaign, I could pick up support from conservative organizations and others who would otherwise endorse a Republican.

This doesn’t mean Secretary Jocelyn Benson is off the hook. This is the second election she is overseeing and under her tenure, the Bureau of Elections has treated minor parties worse than usual.

  • When the 2020 general election proof ballots were issued, the LP was incorrectly listed 5th instead of 3rd. It ended up costing a few thousand dollars in legal fees to have the ballots corrected.
  • The minor party candidates for office are not being listed on their website, including the Libertarians. The Green Party is missing too and they held their convention in April! Benson’s GOP predecessors would always include the list of general election candidates on their website. 

Campaign Plan

I want this campaign to get noticed. We are building a presence on all the various social media platforms. We will be participating in high-visibility events with signs, a float/giant statue of liberty, including the Dream Cruise and other parades. We will be purchasing door hangers and yard signs for distribution across the state. We will target both independent voters and disaffected conservatives with a similar message: if you want fair and transparent elections, what better way than to elect someone from outside the two-party system?

How can you help?

  • Donate. We need some contributions as soon as possible to get materials printed for distribution.
  • Attend our upcoming fundraising party on September 17 in South Lyon. See included flyer.
  • Put up a yard sign.
  • Pass out postcards or door hangers.
  • Share and like our social media posts.

Several talented activists have stepped up to work with me this election season. I am excited to announce the members of my campaign team! 

Peace and Liberty,

Leah Dailey – Campaign Manager

Angela Thornton – Campaign Treasurer

Mark King – Webmaster

Greg Stempfle – Libertarian for Secretary of State